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  • .No Urea
  • .Vitamin & Mineral Enriched
  • .Balanced Ration
  • .Highly Digestible Protein Sources

Product Attributes

  • Our LACTATE/LACTATE PLUS dairy cattle feed is formulated ideally for the needs of medium and high yielder lactating cattle as well as the rumen micro-organisms which will result in high milk productivity. The feed is rich in rumen degradable and un-degradable protein. Energy from fat is assured due to inclusion of protected fat in formulation. Levels of vitamins and minerals are formulated for high milk yield and reproductive efficiency.

    Formulated from quality ingredients, our dairy cattle feed is highly nutritious and helps in increasing the milk output and nourishment of the dairy cow and buffalo.

The feeding guidelines and directions given are suggested as a guideline only.

FeedSafe Accredited ISO system certification
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