(13A) Layer PreLay Crumble

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  • .No added hormones
  • .Vitamin & Mineral Enriched
  • .Balanced Ration
  • .Quality Egg Production

Product Attributes

  • An excellent crumbled feed speciality formulated for the egg laying chicken.
  • Designed to be fed to egg laying birds from Start of 16 weeks of age or from the onset of first egg through until depletion.
  • This ration is a complete feed containing all nutrients, minerals and vitamins to meet the hen's daily maintenance and egg production requirements.
  • Available as a crumble to reduce the potential for selective feeding and reducing dust and wastage.
  • Suitable for a wide range of egg layer breeds.

Feeding Directions

  • This feed should be made freely available.
  • This is a complete ration which is designed to be fed as the sole diet. Modest quantities of green scraps and pasture may be fed in conjunction with this feed.
  • Consumption will vary with temperature, housing, bird type and age.
  • Ensure animals have access to clean, fresh water at all times.
  • For more information on feeding directions, please contact our Customer Service Team

The feeding guidelines and directions given are suggested as a guideline only.

FeedSafe Accredited ISO system certification
Nutritional Analysis (As Fed)
Crude Protein % 15.00 min
Crude Fibre % 6.00 max
Salt % 0.50 max
Calcium % 3.80 min
Laying Lifecycle
product shot